Natural Lemony Bathing Soap

La'maze brings you this Natural Lemon Soap which you can use daily to have a healthy glowing skin.

  • This handmade soap comes with ingredients like lemon Extract, glycerin and other essential oils, which makes it a great herbal skin care product.
  • The presence of lemon oil in the soap makes it a great cleanser for your skin, as it effectively removes excess oil and dirt.
  • Having natural bleach like properties, the extracts from lemon can also remove unwanted pigmentation from your skin without harming its texture.
  • Regular use of this This soap can help in detoxification as well and leave you with a fresh feel for the entire day.
  • The presence of glycerin makes sure that your skin does not lose its moisture and turn dry.
  • Natural ingredients in the soap promises to leave you with a healthy glow after every wash.
  • Coming in a bright package, this 125 gm soap can be a great buy as it is completely natural and can leave you with a soft and supple skin.