About us

Lamaze Cosmetics is managed by LAMAZE HEALTHCARE PRIVATE LIMITED. La'Maze is a proud Indian personal & health care brand that is created to replace harsh chemical products with purely natural products for skincare & personal care.
In the search for beauty and skincare, we apply a lot of chemicals on our precious hair & skin. But does our hair & skin like them? No way, They just feel the same as taking a bath full of acid & chemicals
which causes - signs of aging, pigmentation, sensitivity, breakouts, dandruff, hair fall, breakage, and frizz, etc.


When we say natural we also show how we are natural. Our products are crafted with fresh botanical ingredients which are dermatological-tested, 100% vegan products. We are not only for men neither only for women. we have mazing product range for both men & women. However vast our range of products may be, it is pure, natural, health-friendly and easy-to-use for everyday life.

Our promise is healthy products through honest natural ingredients which are never harsh or tough on any type of skin.

Our products are natural which means it heals naturally. We are not magicians neither our products are. We are not a quick fix for your personal care problems when your skin heals naturally it takes time and our products gives them vitamins & necessary ingredients needed to heal for the long term.

Don't force your skin let them nourish naturally with la'maze. #livethelook #mazelife