Benefits of Using Onion Hair Oil

By, Ishita Bhatia

Among all the hair problems we face , hair-fall and Dandruff have always topped the list ! 

What if I tell you that I have a solution to this never ending rant of yours ? Believe me . 

The other day I came right out of the shower , showing my grandma the amount of hair on my wet towel and cribbing about it , she smiled and told me to apply onion oil on it , benefits of onion oil for hair at first I thought she was joking and making fun of me but later when I surfed up about it’s benefits I was actually very surprised . 

I thought of giving it a try and oh . my  . god . 

It has worked wonderfully well for my hair and here I am sharing the big secret about this magical oil for you hair ! 

Go on reading to find out how onion oil is a perfect solution for all your hair problems .

     1. Prevents Hair fall and helps in rapid hair growth

Like I just mentioned , onion oil is your go to solution if it’s hair fall that’s bothering you , onion oil is rich in sulfur which helps the hair to stay strong and thick preventing any hair fall . onion juice for hair side effects The sulfur  promotes collagen production which in turn helps in producing  healthy skin cells that assure hair growth and bring back the long hair you’ve been desiring.

     2. Nourishes Hair follicles and Scalp 

Onion oil can help stimulate hair nourishment by improving the blood circulation in the scalp resulting in follicles that provide the hair with the nourishment it needs , resulting in glowing and shiny hair .

Onion oil can be used as a natural conditioner that prevents dryness and controls frizz , onion oil for hair benefits you can apply the oil and leave it for an hour , post which you can wash off your hair with shampoo.

     3. Helps in reducing dandruff 

The antimicrobial and anti-fungal properties of onion oil help fight dandruff , studies show that onion oil eliminates Malassezia furfur, a fungi that causes dandruff .

This remedy has been in use since decades and is one of the best solutions for preventing dandruff  . Regular use of onion oil will help you see the difference yourself . 

     4. Improves texture 

Do you wish for healthy , glowing , thick and strong hair ? Onion oil has properties that can help you tackle all problems at once , onion oil benefits for hair growth it contains essential vitamins , minerals , proteins and antioxidants required by your hair resulting in everlasting shiny and healthy hair .


Now you may be wondering if onion oil is the right fit for your hair ? well yes it is  . 

Onion oil is made of all natural ingredients  and is chemical free , red onion oil benefits making it a perfect product for any hair type be it fizzy , thick ,thin , color treated or natural . It’s meant for all and to be loved by all 

So stop waiting and worrying , give your hair a chance to be pampered and bring back the shine with this organic, chemical free, paraben free onion hair oil. 

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